New York Speakers On the Wings of Malice and Idiocy

(, Saleh Younis, Jan 6, 2016) Observing the government of Eritrea and its functionaries, one is always struck which one of their two wings is heavier: the malicious one or the stupid one? One can build a case for either one, and it is a running debate among the Eritrean opposition and the silent majority. In an article that appeared at under the heading of “United Nation Commission of inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea will face inevitable legal challenges”, a Yemane Tsegay who is an “M.S. Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocacy” is attempting to make his case to support the heading of the article… What struck me is the photo that, Tesfanews’ poor sister, chose to accompany the article.  A photo that was originally published by awate.  Choosing the picture conclusively shows that the stupid wing is heavier than the malicious wing.

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