Crimes Against Humanity Has Been Committed by the Eritrean Government

    Nothing Has Changed in Eritrea!

    • Eritreans are tortured every day;

    • Eritreans are executed in silence;

    • Eritreans are arbitrarily detained under harsh conditions;

    • Eritreans are disappearing Daily;

    • Eritreans are held to an indefinite term in the National Service, enslaved for $10 per month; it is a modern-day slavery;

    • Eritrean Female Conscripts are subjected to rape and mistreatment daily;

    • Eritreans are forced to flee;

    • Eritreans are losing hope;

    • The only University in the country (Asmara University) has been closed since 2006;

    • Education is militarised;

    Rape of Female Conscripts is rampant!

    Children are forced into military!

    In Eritrea, there is:

    • No Freedom of Expression!
    • No Press Freedom!
    • No Religious Freedom!
    • No Constitution!
    • No Independent Judicial System!
    • No Parliament to make collective decision!
    • No Civic Society!
    • No Human Rights organisation!
    • No Freedom of Movement!

    In Eritrea:

    • There are over 10,000 Prisoners of Conscience, detained incommunicado, without legal due process and under harsh conditions
    • There are over 300 prisons

    Nothing Has Changed in Eritrea!

    Before Political, Economic, Business, Strategic, or Other Interests, Please think about the SUFFERING OF THE ERITREAN PEOPLE.

Thank you,
Elsa Chyrum