Human Rights Concern - Eritrea (HRCE) is an independent non profit making, human rights organization based in UK. The organization is dedicated to the promotion and protection of the human rights of Eritreans at home and all over the world. HRCE believes that all human beings are equal regardless of race, religion, gender and political affiliation and strives for a peaceful Eritrea where fundamental human rights are respected.

Report on the State of Human Rights in Eritrea 2016

hrcelogo_161626_rgb_eng_opa50(eritrea.facts@gmail.com & HRCE, January 31, 2017) Eritrea is a one-party state and it has been ruled by a transitional government since 1991. Ironically enough the name of the ruling party is: People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) and it has been mis(led) by President Isaias Afewerki since the specified period. Considering that Mr. Afewerki was the head of the then Eritrean People Liberation Front (EPLF) for twenty years one can safely say that he is one of the long serving dictators Africa has to grapple with.

The Eritrean constitution that was drafted and ratified by the National Assembly in May 1997 was put on hold; the national election scheduled for December 2001 was indefinitely postponed; and The National Assembly was, in effect, nullified.

Full Report: Report on the State of Eritrea 2016-3

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Sheila B. Keetharuth

Statement by Sheila B. Keetharuth, Member of the Former COI & Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Eritrea

On October 27, 2016, Sheila B. Keetharuth, member of the former Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea and Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Eritrea, gave the following statement at the 71st session of the General Assembly, Third Committee. (Item 68 b, c)

Honourable Chair,
Distinguished Delegates,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, I will brief you in my capacity as a member of the former Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea. I will present the final report of the Commission (A/HRC/32/47), which was jointly presented to the Human Rights Council by the three Commissioners, Mike Smith as Chair, and Victor Dankwa and myself as members, in June 2016.

In its work, the Commission has been at all times guided by the principles of independence, impartiality, objectivity, transparency, integrity, and the principle of “do no harm”; the protection of witnesses and victims was a central concern for the Commission. Continue reading

A Moving Speech Delivered by Hanna Petros Solomon

Hanna Petros Solomon

Hanna Petros Solomon giving her moving speech about her jailed parents and her own heartbreaking story at a UN side-event

Hanna Petros Solomon, the daughter of Petros Solomon and Aster Yohaness who have been both imprisoned incommunicado since 2001 and 2003 respectively, gave the following moving speech at the side-event, organized by Human Rights Concern-Eritrea and Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Co-sponsored by: Article 19, DefendDefenders, and International Fellowship for Reconciliation, during the 32nd Human Rights Council Session, 22nd June 2016, Palais de Nations, Geneva: Continue reading

U.N. Commission of Inquiry into Eritrea’s Human Rights Finds Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity

Human-Rights-Concern-Eritrea-150x150Human Rights Concern-Eritrea (HRCE) expresses its wholehearted support for the conclusions reached by the UN Commission of Inquiry into Human Rights in Eritrea (COIE) in its second report, which was launched on 8th June 2016. In particular, HRCE is concerned to emphasise and underline the prime conclusion of the Commission that “Eritrean officials have committed crimes against humanity” in the last 25 years. Continue reading

How Much More Mistreatment Before Mr. Tesfagaber Haile Desta Can be Reunited with His Daughter?

A 52-year-old Eritrean former political prisoner, who fled his country after being tortured systematically, and who subsequently endured several beatings at the hands officers at the immigration and detention Centre in Brussels after seeking asylum there is currently sitting in a cold metal chair in an Ethiopian airport, resisting attempts to deport him to either South Sudan, Uganda or Eritrea.  Continue reading

Open Letter to Rt Hon. David Cameron MP

Human-Rights-Concern-Eritrea-150x150HRCE director, Elizabeth Chyrum, sends an open letter to Rt Hon. David Cameron MP expressing deep concern on the Home Office’s permission of the UKBA to use a completely discredited Danish report as the criteria for determining the outcome of applications filed by Eritrean asylum-seekers who have fled from the open-ended national service characterised by UN and human rights agencies as forced labour or as a modern form of slavery. Read the full letter below: Continue reading

The Report Of the Commision of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea

Memebers of the UN CoI on Human Rights in Eritrea

Memebers of the UN CoI on Human Rights in Eritrea

The report was released publicly throught a press conference on Monday, 8 June 2015 at 10:30 AM.

This page contains a short and long (detailed findings) version of the COI report, a press release on the report, an updated fact sheet and visual material – satellite photos, a map and drawings from an Eritrean torture survivor.


HRCE Sends a Letter to Pres. Paul Kagame of Rwanda on Rwanda-Israel Multimillion-Dollar Deal to Transfer Eritrean Refugees

Human-Rights-Concern-Eritrea-150x150HRCE’s Elizabeth Chyrum sends a letter to His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, on how saddened HRCE is to learn of the Rwanda-Israel multimillion dollar deal to transfer unwanted Eritrean refugees to Rwanda. The letter urges Rwanda to disassociate itself from this process, which has been described as a disintegration of Israel’s legal and ethical obligations towards those deserving of international protection, and an attempt to transfer the responsibility to other countries. Here is the full letter: Continue reading

President Afwerki of Eritrea Demands that the Underlying Causes of the Migration of Refugees be Addressed

hrcelogo_161626_rgb_eng_opa50President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea made a statement on 8th November 2016, about the plight of refugees. He said that migration and the movement of refugees had “become rampant globally”. Particularly to be noted was the fact that he stressed “the need for the underlying causes and driving factors to be fully and comprehensively addressed.” Continue reading

Eritrea: UN Commission has Urged Referral to the International Criminal Court

UN Office of the Higher Commissioner for Human RightsGENEVA (28 October 2016) – States must heed the pleas of countless victims of crimes against humanity for justice and accountability, Sheila Keetharuth of the former UN Commission of Inquiry on human rights in Eritrea urged the UN General Assembly today. The Commission has recommended that the situation in Eritrea be referred to the International Criminal Court. Continue reading

Response to the Eritrean Government’s Letter on the COI’s Report Release

Human-Rights-Concern-Eritrea-150x150The Eritrean government sent a letter to the President and members of the Human Rights Council (HRC) on 30 May, 2016, urging them to be given “meaningful opportunity to study and respond to the allegations” brought forth by the Commission of Inquiry”. In the meantime, the Government of Eritrea urges the Council to suspend all deliberations. The government further urges the Council to intervene and “prevent the setting of a dangerous precedent that allows for the flagrant violation of the HRC’s own ‘Commission of Inquiry Manual'”.  Eritrea has also objected the early release of the Commission of Inquiry’s report. The COI is releasing its findings to the media tomorrow, June 8, 2016. (See COI advisory here)

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Nevsun in Eritrea: Dealing With a Dictator

(thefifthestate.com, Mark Kelley, Feb 12, 2016) When a small Vancouver mining company struck gold in a remote corner of Africa, it started with so much promise. In remote Eritrea, Nevsun built a mine that was generating $700 million in profits in its first four years of operation. But it was also generating a lot of controversy – because Nevsun was partnered with a brutal dictatorship that runs the country and controls 40% of the mine. That has led to allegations by the UN and Human Rights Watch that the regime has used conscripted military labour in the mine. The Eritrea government has also been accused of funnelling arms to the terrorist group al-Shabaab.

Nevsun denies the allegations of human rights abuses and insists it is a “template for responsible international business.”

What is the price of doing business with a dictator? Mark Kelley investigates.

ቢትወደድ ኣብርሃ፡ ኤርትራዊ ኔልሰን ማንዴላ!

ሓርበኛ ተጋዳላይ ቢትወደድ ኣብርሃ፡ ብዘይ ሕጋዊ ኣገባብ፡ ብዘይ ፍሉጥ ክስን ፍርድን በቲ እንኮ ዕሉል መላኺ እሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ ተቐይዱን ካብ ስድራ ቤቱ፣ መቕርቡ፣ መጋድልቱን ፈተውቱን ተነጺሉ ኣብ ሓንቲ ሸላ ካብ ዝዕጾ፡ ሎሚ 06 ጥቅምቲ 2015 መበል 24 ዓመቱ ኣቑጺሩ ኣሎ።
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Awate.com: Sovereignty, International Law and the Commission of Inquiry Eritrea

With the release of the report of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea in which the commission states that the Government of Eritrea may have been involved in acts that “may constitute crimes against humanity”, a well-rounded article on Awate.com tries to answer the following questions: How systematic and widespread are the alleged violations? How reliable are the methodologies used in the investigations and what are the standards of proof? Are they even within the mandate of the CoIE? What are “crimes against humanity” and why was the CoIE equivocal by saying “may”? Why is what goes on inside Eritrea the business of the United Nations, anyway? Why is this being reported now just when the Government of Eritrea started making some headway in re-engaging Europe? How credible is the UN and does it apply the same standards to all nations? What is likely to happen next?

Please read the full article here: Sovereignty, International Law and the Commission of Inquiry Eritrea (http://awate.com/sovereignty-international-law-and-the-commission-of-inquiry-eritrea/)


HRCE Sends a Letter to Pres. Yoweri Museveni of Uganda on Uganda-Israel Multimillion-Dollar Deal to Transfer Eritrean Refugees

Human-Rights-Concern-Eritrea-150x150HRCE’s Elizabeth Chyrum sends a letter to His Excellency Yoweri Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda, on how saddened HRCE is to learn of the Uganda-Israel multimillion dollar deal to transfer unwanted Eritrean refugees to Uganda. The letter urges Uganda to disassociate itself from any  process involving a disintegration of Israel’s legal and ethical obligations towards those deserving of international protection and an attempt to transfer the responsibility to other countries . Here is the full letter: Continue reading