Sovereignty, International Law and the Commission of Inquiry Eritrea

With the release of the report of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea in which the commission states that the Government of Eritrea may have been involved in acts that “may constitute crimes against humanity”, a well-rounded article on tries to answer the following questions: How systematic and widespread are the alleged violations? How reliable are the methodologies used in the investigations and what are the standards of proof? Are they even within the mandate of the CoIE? What are “crimes against humanity” and why was the CoIE equivocal by saying “may”? Why is what goes on inside Eritrea the business of the United Nations, anyway? Why is this being reported now just when the Government of Eritrea started making some headway in re-engaging Europe? How credible is the UN and does it apply the same standards to all nations? What is likely to happen next?

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