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How Eritrea Became a Major UAE Base

(, Alex Mello and Michael Knights, September 2, 2016) Britain militarily withdrew from areas “east of Suez” in 1971, triggering the Trucial States to form today’s United Arab Emirates. Now, 45 years later, this Arab country is increasingly focused on projecting military power “west of Suez.”…

2016 Trafficking in Persons Report – Eritrea

(, 05 September 2016) Publisher United States Department of State Publication Date 30 June 2016 Cite as United States Department of State 2016 Trafficking in Persons Report – Eritrea 30 June 2016 available at: [accessed 6 September 2016] Disclaimer This is not a UNHCR publication.…

ካብ ስልጣኖም ዝተወገዱ ፓትሪያሪክ ኦርቶዶክሳዊት ቤተክርስትያን ኤርትራ ኣቡነ ኣንጦንዮስ ይቕረ ሓቲቶም ንዝብል መግለጺ ብዝምልከት ዝወጸ ኣገዳሲ መተሓሳሳቢ

ሓልዮት ሰብኣዊ መሰላት ኤርትራ፡ ካብ ስልጣን ዝተወገዱ ፓትሪያሪክ ኦርቶዶክሳዊት ቤተ ከርስትያን ኤርትራ ይቕረ ሓቲቶም፡ ዝብል መግለጺ ኣዝዩ ከምዝተሓሳሰቦ ይገልጽ።

AU: Activists Challenge Attacks on ICC

Activists from across Africa highlight the need for African governments to support the International Criminal Court in a video by 21 African and international nongovernmental organizations. (, Nairobi, July 6, 2016)  Activists from across Africa clarify misconceptions about the International Criminal Court (ICC) and highlight the need for…

Hanna Petros Solomon

A Moving Speech Delivered by Hanna Petros Solomon

Hanna Petros Solomon, the daughter of Petros Solomon and Aster Yohaness who have been both imprisoned incommunicado since 2001 and 2003 respectively, gave the following moving speech at the side-event, organized by Human Rights Concern-Eritrea and Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Co-sponsored by: Article 19, DefendDefenders, and International Fellowship…

UN Human Rights Council Adopts A Resolution Referring Findings of Eritrea Commission of Inquiry to UN General Assembly and Renews the Mandate of the Special Rapporteur

On Friday 1st July, 2016, the UN Human Rights Council adopted the report and recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry on the situation of human rights in Eritrea (COIE), including the conclusion that crimes against humanity have been committed by the government and officials of Eritrea.

UN Inquiry Finds Crimes Against Humanity in Eritrea

Geneva (8 June 2016) – Crimes against humanity have been committed in a widespread and systematic manner in Eritrean detention facilities, military training camps and other locations across the country over the past 25 years, according to a new report by the UN Commission of Inquiry…

Response to a Resolution Tabled by the Eritrean Government

To:  The Representatives of Permanent Missions and of Observers states at the UN Human Rights Council, Geneva, Switzerland                                                                                                                               20 June 2016 Re: Draft Resolution on the Human Rights Situation in Eritrea dated 15th June 2016