Human Rights Concern - Eritrea (HRCE) is an independent non profit making, human rights organization based in UK. The organization is dedicated to the promotion and protection of the human rights of Eritreans at home and all over the world. HRCE believes that all human beings are equal regardless of race, religion, gender and political affiliation and strives for a peaceful Eritrea where fundamental human rights are respected.

HRCE Sends a Letter to EU Stating Concern over Development Aid to the Eritrean Government

Human Rights Concern EritreaOn April 15, 2015, HRCE sends a letter to the EU stating the concern over the Commission’s current plans to hand significant development aid to the Eritrean government without sufficient oversight as to how the money is being spent. This decision both undermines the European Union’s commitments to human rights and democracy and effectively rewards a tyrant. Please read on for the content of the full letter. Continue reading

Elsa Chyrum of HRCE Delivered a Speech at the UN Human Rights Council, 28th Session

Elsa Chyrum of HRCE at the UN Human Rights Council

Elsa Chyrum of HRCE at the UN Human Rights Council

Elsa Chyrum, director of Human Rights Concern, Ertrea, delivered a speech at the United Nations Human Rights Council, 28th Session, on 16th March 2015 on Agenda Item 4, Interactive Dialogue with the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea. Here is the full content of the speech: Continue reading

The Tragic Killing of EPLF Veteran Fighter Ambassador Andemichael Kahsay

andenkielA testimony provided to Human Rights Concern – Eritrea (HRCE)

The following is a brief account of the murder of veteran fighter Ambassador Andemichael Kahsay in Asmara on 13 August 2003.

I was told this true sad story by a very close relative of mine with first-hand information.

The murder took place on 13 August 2003. After the murder he was brought by  a group of people (definitely security agents of the state)  to the 35th hospital (Selasa Amestegna) , located towards the south-eastern part of Asmara. Continue reading

On the The brutal Killing of Khaled Idris Bahray : Letter to the Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection

Human Rights Concern EritreaHuman Rights Concern-Eritrea (HRCE) sends a letter to the Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection office in Berlin regarding the brutal killing of Khaled Idris Bahray,a 20-year-old refugee from Eritrea. The HRCE condemns the unprovoked cruel killing, and requests that this heinous crime committed against an innocent young man, who sought refuge in Germany, must get the needed attention it deserves from the Office. Here is the content of the letter: Continue reading

An Interview Conducted with Prof. Mike Smith, Chairperson of the UN COI on Eritrea’s Alleged Human Rights Abuses

Mike Smith (UN COI - Eritrea)

Mike Smith (UN COI – Eritrea)

(Arei Mohamed Saleh, Ahmed Alhaj, farajat.net):  Please follow to this part one of the interview conducted by 3cr radio Eritrean Program on Monday 22ndOf December 2014 at 8.00pm Local time with Professor Mike Smith from Macquarie University’s department of policing, intelligence and counter terrorism. Professor Smith has been appointed as a chairperson of a new commission to investigate alleged human rights violations in Eritrea Continue reading

Response to Sophia Tesfamariam: 10 Reasons Why She Is Wrong

On 28 October 2014, the Special Rapporteur (SR) on the situation of Human Rights in Eritrea, Ms. Sheila Keetharuth had  an interactive dialogue with the UN General Assembly, third Committee in New York. She presented her second report, and her findings include damning indictments of the Eritrean regime on human rights violations:


The regime is frantically trying to defend its indefensible crimes and abuses of human rights directly via its ambassadors and its unofficial spokespersons. A day before the Special Rapporteur’s interactive dialogue, on 27 October 2014, Ms Sophia Tesfamariam, an employee and the unofficial spokesperson of the dictatorial regime in Eritrea, in response to the SR’ s report wrote an article titled: “10 Reasons Why the UN Should Reject the Special Rapporteur’s Report”http://stesfamariam.com/2014/10/27/eritrea-10-reasons-why-the-un-should-reject-the-rapporteurs-report/ Continue reading

Eritrean Regime Pressurised by International Legal Processes More Than Ever

Today, the 20th November 2014 has seen two landmark developments regarding the dire state of human rights violations in Eritrea.

In the morning hours, the UN-mandated Commission of Inquiry (COI) formally announced the commencement of its investigations on human rights violations in Eritrea. This is a historic development in the fight to end impunity in Eritrea. Depending on the information that should be submitted by Eritrean victims of human rights violations, the COI is expected to publish a thorough report describing the dire state of human rights in Eritrea and adopt concrete recommendations to solve the problem. Continue reading

Nevsun’s Press Release on B.C. Lawsuit

nevsun-logoNevsun Resources Ltd. (November 21, 2014) (TSX: NSU / NYSE MKT: NSU) (Nevsun or the Company) advises that a lawsuit has been filed against it in the B.C. Supreme Court by three individuals who claim to have once worked with a local sub-contractor at the Bisha Mine in Eritrea. The lawsuit makes human rights allegations against the Company and its local sub-contractor.  The Company denies the allegations and will vigorously defend itself against this claim. Continue reading

Eritrea: UN Expert to Investigate Pervasive Rights Abuses as Part of ‘Historic’ Inquiry

Sheila B. Keetharuth

Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea Sheila B. Keetharuth. UN Photo/Amanda Voisard

29 September 2014 (UN News Center) – Amid forced conscription, extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances, the human rights situation in Eritrea continues to remain “dire,” a United Nations independent expert warned, adding that a new Commission of Inquiry would help “pave the way” to accountability. Continue reading

Some Reflections on the UK Home Office’s Country Information Guidance Eritrea: National (incl. Military) Service & Illegal Exit, March 2015


The UK delegation from the Foreign and Common Wealth Office and the Home Office visited Asmara on 9-11 December 2014. In March 2015, the Home Office issued two documents, namely, Country Information and Guidance Eritrea: National (incl. Military) Service and Country Information and Guidance Eritrea: Illegal Exit. This Note draws attention to the serious flaws contained in the Guidelines and the source material used to reach the conclusions. Continue reading

Eritrea: UN-Mandated Inquiry Finds ‘Very Clear Patterns’ of Human Rights Abuses

Mike Smith, Chairperson, Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea, speaks to the press after presenting his report to the 28th Session at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré

Mike Smith, Chairperson, Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea, speaks to the press after presenting his report to the 28th Session at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré

(Source: UN News Centre) 16 March 2015 – A four-month United Nations investigation into the human rights situation in Eritrea has found “very clear patterns” of violations and abuses, according to a report delivered today at the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva. Continue reading

Côte d’Ivoire: Justice for victims of human rights violations “long overdue” – Zeid

UN COI 2015(Source UNHRGENEVA (11 March 2015) – In the wake of the guilty verdicts against numerous supporters of former President Laurent Gbagbo charged with offences against the state and its institutions, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein on Wednesday urged the Government of Côte d’Ivoire to now focus on justice for victims of serious human rights violations and abuses that occurred prior to and during the 2011 conflict in the country. Continue reading

Open Letter to the Danish Immigration Service

Dear Delegation of the Danish Immigration Service,

The report on “Eritrea – Drivers and Root Causes of Emigration, National Service and the Possibility of Return” http://www.nyidanmark.dk/NR/rdonlyres/B28905F5-5C3F-409B-8A22-0DF0DACBDAEF/0/EritreareportEndeligversion.pdfwas prepared as country of origin information for use in the asylum determination process of Eritrean asylum seekers in Denmark.

According to the report, the main reason recent arrivals in Denmark give for leaving Eritrea is the conditions of National Service, illegally leaving the country and fear of reprisals if they return. Continue reading

Is This What Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility Looks Like?

SHARMINI PERIES, EXEC. PRODUCER, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Sharmini Peries, coming to you from Baltimore.

Canada is a big player in the global mining industry. According to the Canadian government’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, in 2013 Canadian headquartered mining and exploration companies accounted for nearly 31 percent of global exploration expenditures and 50 percent of the world’s publicly listed exploration and mining. These 1,500 companies had an interest in some 8,000 properties in over 100 countries around the world. Continue reading

Siskinds Co-counsel in Lawsuit Against Nevsun Resources

Canadian mining company Nevsun Resources accused of complicity in torture, slavery, and crimes against humanity in new lawsuit.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Canadian mining company Nevsun Resources Ltd. (TSX: NSU / NYSE MKT: NSU) is being sued for complicity in torture, forced labour, slavery, and crimes against humanity, according to a new lawsuit filed in British Columbia.
Continue reading

Human Rights Council President appoints Members of Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea

unhr(26 September 2014) : The President of the Human Rights Council, Ambassador Baudelaire Ndong Ella (Gabon), announced today the appointment of Mike Smith of Australia and Victor Dankwa of Ghana who will join Sheila B. Keetharuth, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea, to serve as the members of the commission of inquiry to investigate all alleged human rights violations in Eritrea, mandated by the Council at its June 2014 session. Mr. Smith will serve as Chair of the three-person commission. Continue reading